Ford Marstang Is A Really Fast Muscle Car
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We’ve said it before and ‘dang it’ we’ll say it again the new Ford ‘Marstang’ has taking the styling script straight out of Aston Martin’s DB9 design book of greatness. And like a library book Ford have no intention of giving it back. There is a conspiracy of silence among the motoring news world who conveniently over look the similarities. These people are weak minded. Hell, even Aston Martin aren’t exactly joining in with a chorus of outspoken criticism. But for the so called motoring press who rely on the principles of freedoms their silence is deafening. Or is it. Many motoring hacks do their best not to upset the ‘apple cart’ no one hack wants to upset Ford because Ford is all powerful, omnipotent even. So the convenient silence goes on and we all feed from the source like today, we now know the official bhp figures for the Shelby Marstang GT350. The 5.2-litre V8 is able to produce 526bhp and 581Nm of torque. But it still looks like a DB9. That’s the highest revving V8 in the annuals of V8-ness. But it still looks like a DB9. Torque peaks at 4,750rpm, maximum bhp rushes in at 7,500 rpm and the engine will redline to 8,500 rpm… But it still looks like a DB9. We could talk about compression ratio’s or the bore and stroke but that may be too boring for you… But at the end of the day the Ford Marstang looks like a DB9. And we could also go into detail about the specifically designed six speed manual gearbox but again say I, at the end of the day the Ford Marstang looks like a god damn Aston Martin DB9.  Ford-Shelby-Marstang
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