Look-a-likes: Chevrolet Camaro vs Dodge Challenger
One is an all American muscle car founded in the 1960’s the other is an all American muscle car founded in the 1970’s. Both are two door, rear wheel drive coupes, both have V8 powerplants and both are usually owned by muscle head owners from the deep south of America where ‘Yeahhh’ is always accompanied by ‘haahhhh’ and where back yard wrestling is the only form of evening entertainment. One is made by General Motors the other by Chrysler, that all Italian-American company headquartered in England.  Both are able to slug it out for the hearts and minds of Americana even though the American Dream is no more than rhetoric for a by-gone era, a calling card for hope where there is none. So we know they have similar powerplants, straight-sixes, V8’s this and supercharger that, but suddenly it dawned upon us here at DCB Towers that both the Camaro and Challenger look the same in terms of the exterior design. Which one you decide to go for depends upon how much you have to spend both companies offer entry level models at around $26,000 dollars, but the V8’s and supercharged versions can cost up to and over $50k. So it all comes down to marketing, the Camaro is recognisable to a new generation as being Bumblebee from Transformers. The Challenger may be more recognisable for an older generation who used to watch the Dukes of Hazards, a bizarre TV show from the 1980’s.  Chevrolt-Camaro-vs-Dodge-Challenger
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