Red Bull Could Sack Team Boss Christian Horner
Formula One
Red Bull Racing are not a happy bunch of people these days, owner Dietrich Mateschitz is unhappy with the teams lamentable performance so far in the 2015 F1 season. The Monaco Grand Prix provided a slight boost, but a fourth place finish is not good enough for a team that won its fourth championship in a row just two years ago. Mateschitz has said he will quit F1 altogether if the rules are not changed to allow for fairer competition. Red Bull are struggling and Mateschitz doesn’t like it. Red Bull haven’t just been making threats to quit they have also turned on their engine partner Renault for not providing a powerful enough or reliable powerplant. It seems the knives are also being sharpened internally, according to reports Red Bull’s long serving team principle may be in the firing line, that is to say he may well be sacked. Speaking to a British newspaper Horner recently said “I have a long contract with the team. It is difficult but I had dinner with Dietrich on Saturday evening and we still get along very well,” According to these rumors former F1 driver, Gerhard Berger, is in line to replace Horner but Horner added “We know we have problems but we just have to work through them and I am here to do that job.” The recent Austrian Grand Prix was Red Bulls home race but Ricciardo struggled home in 10th with his team mate finishing two places further back. It seems unlikely Mateschitz will quit F1 altogether, you have to consider the contractual arrangements with key sponsors, and if Mateschitz does pull Red Bull out then Mateschitz will have a lot of angry sponsors face and hefty legal bills to pay. Bernie Ecclestone doesn’t believe Mateschitz will go “I don’t think so. I know Mr Mateschitz very well. There’d be more chance of him pulling out if he was winning than when he was losing,” he said during questioning at the Austrian Grand Prix.  Mateschitz’s calls to quit F1 is like a ‘cry for help’ he won’t quit anytime soon but its not uncommon for team principles to be dismissed, its the nature of the beast and Horner knows that no contractual clause can protect him when his time is up.  Christian-Horner-Pensive
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