Start Up Company Plans To Build Furious 1,700bhp Hypercar
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They are called PSC Motors, they are based in Las Vegas and have revealed plans to build a 1,700bhp hypercar. You may well have heard about this already but we have a few issues with this tra extreme performance car. First of all the vehicle design, it looks great, it has shades of La Ferrari, McLaren 650S about. It was designed by a 15 year old from Bangkok, nothing wrong with that its a very mature design. The kid has serious transportation design talent. We don’t have an issue with who designed it, but the startup company that commissioned the design, for a very low price, is PSC Motors. Let us remind you they are based in ‘Sin City’, Las Vegas. The company has no web profile and commission’s a boy from Thailand to design their hypercar which they say will go into production from 2016. We reckon PSC Motors don’t have a lot of cash and this is publicity stunt to generate third party cash flow, i.e investment. SP-200-SIN-Rear-front PSC Motors do say that the SP-200 SIN will be powered by a naturally aspirated 9.0-litre V8, hybrid engine. They originally claimed it would be a V8 twin-turbo. The company is the brain child of Antonio Calva, a banking and finance professional from Las Vegas. He recently gave an interview to Autocar, the worlds oldest and most renowned car magazine, “When this project started five years ago, we wanted to do something new, something special that can pay tribute to some of the world’s fastest cars.” Calva went on to disclose that the SP-200 SIN is aiming for a weight of 1,400kg and will be constructed out of carbon fiber and aluminum. The SP-100 SIN will target the Koenigsegg and La Ferrari. Calva reckons a 0-60mph of 2.8 seconds is realistic and is aiming for a topspeed of 279mph. The company plans to build 35 units. The SP-100 SIN has no physical presence, PSC Motors has presented a computer generated image and this comes after five years of development. But really? what else do expect from Las Vegas. This car has more illusions than David Blaine. Maybe it might be true but lets wait and see.  SP-200-SIN-Rear-Red-Fury
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