The 2015 St John’s Wood Classic & Supercar Pageant
So its Sunday and I happen to stray into St Johns Wood High Street, well actually I was invited by our best new pals over at Investec, private bankers to worlds high net worth individuals, corporations and sponsors of the 2015 St John’s Wood Classic & Supercar Pageant. Its a unique event because its in the fashionable and trendy area of St Johns Wood which is a cosmopolitan snap shot of the movers and shakers of West London who just quietly go about their daily chores on a Sunday afternoon. Think of it as an open air car show on your high street. Walk up and down the high street and you hear Italian, French, Japanese and of course English. Its like a world within a world. St-Johns-Wood-Classic-&-Supercar-Pageant-Aston-Martin And everybody seems to know one another, which is unusual because big cities are blighted by selfishness and blind ambition. Yes there is a community spirit in St John’s Wood and for the second year running its high street is closed down for the Supercar Pageant. You’ll get to see modern classics and a lot of older classic’s such as the Rolls Royce Silver Ghost from 1926 which is a very rare sight to see. Of course Ferrari made its presence felt, the 275 GTB looked stunning, the Daytona and the F40 were impressively presented. Motoring brands that have made a mark on the public consciousness were represented, the Aston Martin DB5 iconic because of its association with James Bond. The Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 perhaps the all American Muscle car, of all time. St-Johns-Wood-Classic-&-Supercar-Pageant-Shelby-Ford-Mustang The Lamborghini Miura shimmered in the cool/warm breeze, the Jaguar E Type was outshone by the D-Type. There was the odd sprinkling of modern day Super-GT’s. The Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione represented the future classics and Lotus made an appearance with the Evora and Exige. All of the classic cars from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, have been exquisitely restored so its a chance to see how the cars would have looked and sounded in their prime, today. And if you don’t have too much interest in all things automotive the organisers even laid out a funfair… for the kids… Ahem! But you’ll have to wait until next year now for this one day a year event. Such is life.  St-Johns-Wood-Classic-&-Supercar-Pageant-Ferrari-F40
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