TVR To Be Resurrected With New V8 Powered Coupe
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Remember TVR, that British sports car company that was bought by the 24 year old son of a Russian multi-millionaire banker? TVR haven’t produced a car since 2006, you would think the company has gone into receivership, that’s kind of like a Chapter 11 if you are reading this from America. Whats happened in the last 10 years is that Nikolay Smolensky has more or less been consolidating the intellectual property of TVR. To cut a long story short in 2013 Smolenksy sold his entire ownership of TVR to TVR Automobile which is headed up by Les Edgar. Edgar is a veteran computer games entrepreneur pioneer, he has cash to burn and he wants to restart TVR production. In a 2013 interview Edgar pledged to launch a new TVR by 2015. Its 2015 and in a new interview Edgar is now saying he plans to launch a new car by 2017. He is well funded and he has got former McLaren designer Gordon Murray on board and signed a licensing deal with Cosworth to produce an all new V8 engine. The new car will stick to TVR’s roots, it will be affordable and have the front engine/rear wheel drive layout. The interesting part of this whole equation is that TVR will utilize Murray’s iStream technology or more to the point a new more efficient cost friendly manufacturing process. Its difficult to say if this TVR will ever see the light of day, after all 2015 was to see the launch of a new car and where is it? Its now iStream and 2017. What TVR is at the moment is a rich man’s football which is getting kicked from one end to the other. Lets wait in two years time to see what actully transpires. We say TVR had its day, it was of its time and if demand declines then that’s how the markets work nostalgia isn’t going to resurrect a by-gone era.  TVR-Ressurection
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