Sorry Not Sorry We Just Can’t Get Excited About The Updated Mazda 2
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What is the value of Mazda in the UK… it probably isn’t the Mazda 2 the main issue we here at DCB towers have with the Mazda 2 is that it looks 10 years out of date despite having modern styling characteristics. This is the definitive bland loking car for people who are not loyal to a particular car brand but can live with the price point of £15k for the “Tech Edition”… sigh… Yes the Mazda 2 Tech Edition is limited to 750 boring examples and is based on the £14,695 1.5 90ps SE-L Nav but as the name suggests it comes packed with extra tech…sigh… The Tech Edition includes 16-inch alloy wheels, Rear parking sensors, Privacy glass, Climate control, Auto lights and rain-sensing wipers – all for a price premium of £300 over the SE-L Nav. Mazda include free-of-charge choice of Dynamic Blue Mica, Snowflake White Pearlescent or Jet Black Mica paint. Yes that’s Snowflake White, we think the Mazda marketing team is having a bit of fun by including the slang word of the moment… Snowflake, you think we didn’t realise Mazda? To cut a long story short the boring Mazda 2 comes equipped with a choice of petrol and diesel engines which feature SKYACTIV technology. Mazda’s SKYACTIV technology offers more efficiency savings but in reality Mazda have probably done a Volkswagen don’t believe the hype people. Indeed the Mazda 2 has been ever so slightly improved across the model range with details like better sound insulation. Why wasn’t it better before why wait to improve? The press release says something about a removable parcel shelf but this is a god damn boring car and it’s giving me a headache. Just go… go to a Mazda dealership to find out more don’t bother us with this.  Mazda-2-Is-Boring
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