Ferrari 458 Speciale Takes On The Porsche 911 GT3
Having driven the Porsche GT3 for all too brief a moment even in those many minutes you get a sense of the rawness that marks the GT3 out from all of the other standard Porsches combined. So how about pitting Porsche’s finest against the Ferrari 458 Italia Speciale. The Ferrari is £100k more expensive than the GT3 but how close does the battle get? Naturally I would go for the Ferrari, its V8 generates 600bhp compared to  3.8-litre flat-six in the GT3 which produces 469bhp. Fifth Gear pits the two against the other at the castle Coombe race track. Tiff Needle is in the Ferrari while ‘Mr Sideways’ Chris Harris is in the GT3. The Ferrari has the style advantage and considerably more power but the Porsche is loaded with 4 wheel steering and other driving aids, in the end its a close call. Somebody wins. Naturally I would go with the Ferrari.  Ferrari-458-Speciale-vs-Porsche-911-GT3-B
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