Hackers Wirelessly Carjack A Jeep Cherokee
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Looks like the folks over at Jeep didn’t have enough spare R&D cash to spend on the security of the latest Jeep Cherokees. A bona-fide duo of research hackers demonstrated how they can hack into the Cherokee’s software and shut down the engine, cut the brakes and even drive it wherever they desire. And all this can be done remotely from hundreds of miles away. The problem was diagnosed as a systematic weakness in the wireless connect services developed by the Chrysler group. In other words a serious software issue. The hack was demonstrated to a reporter from the Wired magazine who was driving a Jeep somewhere in ‘Jerk Water USA’. It isn’t just the primary vehicle controls the hackers took charge of. The hackers were also able to remotely control the air-con, radio, wipers and accelerator. The hackers said that the software glitch applies to all Chrysler made vehicles from late 2013. Chrysler responded by advising owners of its products to download and install a software update as soon as possible in order to patch the security breach. However the hackers who demonstrated this to Wired magazine, Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, already informed Chrysler last year in October. Meanwhile the US Senate has just introduced a Automotive Anti Hacking Bill, which will become the forerunner to the first ever automotive cyber-security standards. The intention of this new bill is to force automakers to improve the latest generation of ‘wired’ and connected car software technology in order to avoid such hacks. No other auto brands were tested. Watch the video below.
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