Look A Likes, Aston Martin DBS vs Fiat Dino

One is Britain’s first ‘supercar’ the other is a Fiat. One is utterly hand built luxury automotive at its late 1960’s best. The other is a Fiat. Both are front-engine rear-wheel drive, the Aston Martin DBS houses a straight-six engine under its skin, the Fiat Dino goes for a Ferrari sourced V6.

Production of the Aston Martin began in 1967 and effectively lasted until 1989 by which time it was powered by a V8 engine and called the Vantage.

The Dino had a much shorter life span, production began in 1966 and lasted until 1973, the Dino was made to help Ferrari homologate a V6 engine for Formula 2 racing cars.

Just over 7,000 Dinos were produced, 26 percent of those were Spiders. This was Fiat at their best, just look at what they offer now. All of their current models combined can’t match the Dino for pure flair.

Have Fiat fallen on their own sword of late, well more like the Sword of Damocles, Fiat are now controlled by the accountants and focus groups, they can never make another Dino again.

Indeed Fiat are relying on Mazda to provide them with the underbelly for what will a watered down next generation Fiat Spider.

The Aston Martin doesn’t need an introduction, any Aston has got that wow factor, you know its something great just by looking at it.

But the interesting part is that the two look very similar and so that leads us to speculate who copied whom? The Fiat came first so does that mean Aston Martin took ‘inspiration’ from Fiat?

Did Aston Martin ‘copy’ accidentally on purpose the Pininfarina designed Dino?

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