Manual Gearbox Genocide Begins With The 2016 TT RS
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The manual gearbox as you know it is being hunted down by car manufactures in an act that can only be described as ‘manual gearbox genocide’. And it begins with the next generation Audi TT RS. Audi will no longer offer a manual option for the 2016 TT RS, the current generation is offered with both a 6-speed manual and 7-speed dual clutch transmission within Europe and just a manual for the US market. Audi are looking to utilise VW groups latest DQ500 7-speed dual clutch transmission, its more reliable and just better all round. The reliability of dual clutch transmissions depends on how often they are serviced, some require periodic oil changes every 4,000 miles to prevent operability issues. VW’s new dual clutch unit should reduce the amount of time owners spend on maintenance and spend in dealer garages who are keen to overcharge even if you sneeze. So that’s a win, win for all concerned right? Wrong. Well maybe not, dual shift transmissions are far superior to single shifts but the purists may well say that dual shift transmissions reduce driver involvement and skill. And to be honest we really won’t miss the manual transmission too much, but it may well signal that in the future all cars will be offered without a manual gearbox.  TT-RS
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