Meet The BMW M4 Widebodied Bad Boy
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This is the BMW M4 Widebody by Vorsteiner as seen through the eyes of Tag Motorsports, a Californian based car modifier that can take your 4-wheeled pride and joy and turn it into an everyday track monster or just an everyday street-cred machine. The automotive after market industry is popular in America, afterall who would be crazy enough to think that the manufacture spec BMW M4 needs a bit of ‘get up and go’ aesthetically and a little bit extra boost in terms of performance. Tag-Motorsport-BMW-M4-Widebody-Front Tag Motorsports have tinkered around with the the M4 Widebody version from the folks over at Vorsteiner to give it a little extra fervor. So you have two after market specialists telling BMW this is how make the M4 look and perform a little better. Indeed everything is a little bit better. But Tag have gone just a little bit further, they have fitted the widebody M4 with a set of HRE RS100 alloy wheels with extra grippy Pirelli P Zero tyres, a Titanium Exhaust System with Carbon Tips and a detuned ECU meaning you get slightly more BHP, 550bhp to be precise. Tag-Motorsport-BMW-M4-Widebody-Rear Tag Motorsports also fitted Bilstein Clubsport Coil Over Suspension. So if you think the standard M4 isn’t to your taste then go ahead and buy the Tag Motorsports M4 Vorsteiner Widebody which is sure to divide taste. We just can’t help but think the standard M4 is just as good, why does a car need to be wider? Yes it creates more of a visual impact, but we always thought you widebody a 15 year old, worn out Citroen and then stick an on over sized stereo system in the boot. Wide-bodied cars, they just don’t make ’em like they used to.  Tag-Motorsport-BMW-M4-Widebody-Side
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