Meet Toyota’s New Outback Thug, The Fortuner
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Meet the Toyota Fortuner a thug of an SUV that is being launched in Australia and Thailand and if you are reading this in the Outback whilst eating ‘bush tucker’ or as its known in the UK ‘McDonalds’ then the Toyota thug will be available to order in your region by October. Toyota aren’t shrugging away from the the Fortuner’s image saying its “remakably tough”. The Fortuner will be powered by a new 2.8-litre, 4-cylinder turbo diesel that has a rated power delivery of 175bhp and 450Nm of torque. Toyota-Fortuner-Profile That torque is good for pulling 3 tonnes of horsemeat if specified with the six speed manual or 2.8 tonnes with the six speed auto. The Fortuner evens comes with ‘trailer sway’ control a kind of traction control system but we say just don’t use a trailer. Australians are like the white Caribbeans of the region, easy going but not as welcoming and Toyota have ensured the Fortuner is able to meet this lack of etiquette. Toyota-Fortuner-Interior The Fortuners front double wishbones and rear five-link coil springs have been developed to meet the toughest Outback condition’s Australia can muster. It also has a Differential/Lock meaning its got proper off-road fortitude. Toyota have loaded the Fortuner with all manner of electronic stability software in an effort to produce a more stable and comfortable car on all road types. Toyota-Fortuner-Rear As with any Toyota you get a fully loaded bag of toys that is to say a reversing camera, front and rear air-con, 17-inch ally wheels are just a few of the standard highlights. But our favorite is an air-conditioned fridge to keep those bars of chocolate cool. We don’t know how much it will cost, but its always interesting to see what the folks down under are driving.  Toyota-Fortuner-Front
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