Nissan Juke R 2.0 Is Pointless
Worst Car of the Week
Fire that elemental, exothermic chemical process of combustion that literally powers our world. Without the discovery of ionized plasma we wouldn’t have the industrial age that has advanced mankind. In the last 150 years the world has significantly changed beyond recognition than compared to the previous 1,000 years. Civilization’s have been built around the fuel of fire and destroyed by its powerful, intense and flammable chain reaction.  Think about it for a minute, our world is powered by the sun which is nothing more than a sphere of burning ferocity floating in the deep freeze of our galaxy. The sun nourishes us, gives us strength, it feeds plant life which in turn supports a complex eco system all powered by this super combustion. So what the hell are Nissan doing with this Juke R 2.0 which has to be the laziest hot-hatch-crossover-confusion concept thingy of all time. I mean have they been spending too much time in the sun? For god sakes people who on earth would buy a Nissan Juke in the first place? And who on earth would buy a Juke R 2.0 just because its got the 600bhp engine from the GT-R shoved up its arse, well actually its in the front. The Juke Type R may appeal to your inner 8 year old but guess what I’m not 8 years old with my thumb in my mouth. No I am open mouthed in disbelief that what turned out to be a happy go lucky concept should have remained just so. Gone, forgotten, goodbye. But Nissan, being Nissan may well end up making a very limited production run should there be enough idiots who bang hard enough on Nissan’s doors. The Juke R is pure marketing madness a loss leader out to promote the marketing department rather than promoting the brand. So what the the Juke R is, and I am not sorry to say this, its a complete waste of time. Sticking an idiotic amount of power into a stupid looking crossover purchased by weed smoking weekend hippies is like… well its stupid. We say get a proper supercar. Nissan Juke Type R, you are a pointless marketing exercise and you are also the worst car of the week.  Nissan-Juke-R-2-0
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