Top Gear Dog “I was offered the Top Gear Job”
Whatever happened to the Top Gear Dog? After making a series of appearances on Top Gear beginning in 2006 the labradoodle slowly disappeared from our screens never to be seen again. But Top Gear Dog is still around and we met up with her at a very posh 5 star rated central London hotel. The Dogchester is next door to the Dorchester on London’s famous Park Lane where Top Gear Dog also dropped a bombshell. But it was quickly cleaned up. We were ushered into a private members area of the Dogchester by PR types from a well know PR and Marketing firm where Top Dear Dog was reclining on a leather high back chair, reading the Financial Times and smoking a Cuban cigar. DCB: Top Gear Dog, tell us what it was really like to work on Top Gear? Top Gear Dog: “Well, grrrrr, let me start by saying it was great, great for Jeremy, James and Richard the show revolves around them and its a show not really interested in minorities. I remember a heated discussion I had with Jeremy during a production meeting about being more inclusive. I told Jeremy “the show is made by Anglo-Saxons for Anglo-Saxons” but he simply cocked his leg and started to urinate all over the table and then stormed out of the meeting. So you can imagine what it was like for dogs of any breed working on Top Gear in a male/laddish/ Anglo-Saxon environment”. DCB: Are you saying Jeremy Clarkson is a… dogist, that he hates all dogs based on colour and creed? Top Gear Dog: “Yes and I will put it on record and say Jeremy is a dogist he hates dogs of all ethnicities and the BBC did nothing to stop it because Top Gear under Jeremy was such a prized asset they didn’t want the goose that laid golden eggs getting fat off a rival TV station. After that production meeting Jeremy and I never spoke again, he did attempt to bite me on the leg one day but he was pulled away from me, thankfully he was on a lead”. DCB: What was it like to work with James? Top Gear Dog: “James was a bit of a distant figure, whatever Jeremy said James would usually agree with. For example one day I was eating my dog food for lunch but Jeremy said it was better than what the BBC Chefs were offering and demanded that I hand over my dog bowl. Of course I said no but because he was a powerful figure behind the scenes Jeremy always got his way. I have never seen anyone eat and enjoy dog food so much he ate it all and gave the crumbs to James. Me? I prefer fine dining the food given to me was all the BBC budget could afford. Jeremy had total control over costs.” DCB: And what about Richard? Top Gear Dog: ” Initially I thought he was a bit of an angry jerk, but we bonded fairly quickly, he was the only one who took pity on me. For example when Jeremy was eating my dog food he gave me a bit of his meal. When I hurt my leg during shooting outdoors Richard was the only one who took me to the hospital and waited with me. I had to use a wheel chair for a few weeks and often Richard would push me. I’ve only got little arms so it was a bit of a struggle to reach the wheels to propel my self. Richard and I got on so well that I now live with him on his farm where I run a small marketing and consulting firm providing services for  blue chip organisations.” DCB: We understand you were approached by the BBC to be one of the new Top Gear Presenters? Top Gear Dog: ” Oh yes that’s absolutely true, actually I was approached by Chris Evans who had secretly signed a memorandum of understanding with the BBC behind Jeremy’s back. Chris remembered my brief appearances on Top Gear and said I had enough star quality to become a presenter post Jeremy Clarkson. I did a screen test with Chris and it went really well, a contract was quickly presented to me but in the end I decided it was time for a new generation to take charge.” Top Gear Dog was talking exclusively to Daily Car Blog.  Top-Gear-Dog
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