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Tips on Cadillac Care – Get Winter Ready

How often do you perform maintenance on your Cadillac? This vehicle is renowned for being long-lasting and perfectly sleek, but even the best cars still need to prepare for winter conditions.

Whether on the road or off the road, a Cadillac deserves the best treatment you can give. This luxury car brand recently announced they are releasing a range of top-end electric cars between 2023 and 2024. Since the Lyriq is still in the future, this article will focus on previous models and how you can care for your Cadillac – especially since the company has had so many orders for the new EVs that they have had to close their order books. You don’t get more exclusive than that.

Cadillac Winter Care Tips

The name ‘Cadillac’ is synonymous with luxury vehicles that offer supersized quality to those who can afford it.

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Here are the top Cadillac care tips for winter that you might need to heed as a proud new owner.

Winter Tires

When you see the first signs of frost or ice on the road, it is time to investigate Cadillac winter tire packages. Winter tires grip the road better in the colder weather. If you are the owner of a brand new, shiny Cadillac, the last thing you want is to ruin it by skidding or impromptu offroad driving. Even if your model is a 4×4, such as the Cadillac ATS AWD model or the XT4 SUV, you still need to winterize those tires. 

Check the Pressure

If you choose not to listen to winter tire warnings, you should at least check the tire pressures of each wheel. Best performed as winter rolls in, fully inflated tires help grip the road better while also saving you the expense of the extra gas it takes to keep those wheels turning. 

Testing 123

Even a Cadillac can have a worn out battery, a problem often accentuated by the bad weather. Extremes of either heat or coldness can wear down your battery faster than normal.

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Freezing weather can freeze up the solution inside the battery, causing your car not to start. A simple set of spark plugs could help you on your way. However, if that battery is old enough, it may be down for life. The obvious answer is to check your battery health before it breaks down and replace it before it happens.

Add Anti-Freeze

As your car runs in the freezing weather, it runs the risk of overheating. While this sounds counterintuitive, it’s actually fairly easy science. As your engine heats up on a frosty morning, the coolant may be frozen. The longer you run a Cadillac with frozen engine coolant, the likelier it is that your engine will overheat. Adding anti-freeze to your engine’s coolant will help prevent this.

Locate your car’s radiator and add anti-freeze to the liquid there. The radiator often looks like a small box with a second capped hose attached to it. You can see this article on how to put coolant in your car for more information.

Are You Winter Ready?

If you can manage these tips then you will successfully winterize your car. The only addition you may wish to make is a windscreen cover to prevent frost.

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