Cadillac Lyric all sold out for 2022 -
Cadillac’s First All-Electric Car: The Lyriq

2023 and 2024 see Cadillac releasing it’s first luxury all-electric cars. While 2424’s Celestiq looks set to be a strong competitor in the top end of the luxury market, the Lyriq is nevertheless a competitive entrant into the market. It’s designed to be a competitive altrnative to the likes of Tesla Model X, Jaguar I-Pace and Aude e-tron and its smart styling bears this out. Calgary Cadillac notes that there has been elevated interest in the release, so we’ll explore some of the features that are making prospective Cadillac owners queue up for the Lyriq.

Sleek Lines and Luxury Styling

We could start this off with “it’s a Cadillac,” and for many people, this would be enough to say, if not all of it, but sufficient to rouse interest. After all Cadillac is, and always has been, an iconic brand. It is to luxury motoring and spacious interiors what the name “Jeep” is to outdoor adventures and rough terrain. But will the car live up to the expectations that go with a brand of this stature?

Cadillac Lyriq EV SUV rear Dailycarblog

Early reviews indicate that it will, and the 312-mile range for the single-motor rear-wheel-drive iteration should silence most people with concerns about the range this electric vehicle will achieve. However, with luxury vehicles, it’s always about far more than just practicality, and here, the Lyriq delivers. The design and spaciousness of the cabin space has received particularly high praise although critics note that the cargo space isn’t quite as roomy as its competitors’.

Comprehensive Infotainment and High-Quality Sound System as Standard

Showing that this is no traditional throwback, tech-smart infotainment is a very prominent feature of the Lyriq’s interior with a 33 inch LED touchscreen dominating the dashboard.

Cadillac Lyriq EV SUV interior, Dailycarblog

For those who don’t like using touchscreens while driving, click controls on the ceter console solve the problem. A 19-speaker AKG audio system ensures that high-quality sound accompanies the Lyriq’s driver and passengers on their journeys.

A Family Car For Comfortable Driving

The Lyriq doesn’t try to pretend to be anything but a luxurious family car. It may not be sporty, but that’s not what you want for a family road trip. Instead, its designers have focused on providing a comfortable and quiet ride even when the road surface isn’t super-smooth and you’d expect at least some bumps and road noise.

2023 Cadillac LYRIQ review by Unbox Therapy

It’s stable on the road, doesn’t lean into the corners and offers responsive steering. In short, it’s an easygoing ride with all the typical high-tech driver assist and safety features we’ve become accustomed to seeing these days.

High Demand Sees 2023 Production Sold Out

The Lyriq enters the market at a comparatively affordable price tag for a luxury SUV, and whether it’s because of the brand, the buzz, or the features it offers, Cadillac may have found  a winning recipe if initial buyer response are taken into account.

Cadillac Lyric all sold out for 2023  

Within four hours of pre-orders being opened, 2023’s projected Lyriq availability was booked up – a development that seems likely to have taken Cadillac somewhat by surprise. Provided that real world driving matches up to its reputation, it seems that Cadillac has achieved a winner with its Lyriq.  But it won’t stop there. Look out for the fully customisable, ultra-luxury Celestiq in 2014.

Cadillac Lyric all sold out for 2022 -
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