Apple Actively Developing iCar For 2020 Release
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The real question is, would you buy an Apple designed and developed car? Apple seems to think so and various reports have gathered into a media ‘perfect storm’ to conclude that the rumors are for real. Apple is investigating a new route to market, having sat back and watched Elon Musk make giant strides with the Tesla brand, Apple want a slice of the all electric vehicle pie. But is an Apple ‘iCar’ food for thought or just that, pie in the sky. A number of possible theories have been extrapolated on what exactly Apple could be doing. One such theory is that the company could make ground breaking technologies that they will license around their smartphone technology. In other words Apple could be developing integrated software technologies to make for a better in-car connected experience. Another theory is that Apple could make an all-electric vehicle platform and again license that off for other car manufactures to use. It isn’t known how far Apple has advanced with the so called iCar, but a series of reports suggest that Apple have been scouting various testing locations around its Cupertino base. This has led many to speculate that Apple looking for driving routes. Apple will surely invest in future technologies such as the much vaunted self-driving car. However developing a car from scratch can cost hundreds of millions of pounds if not 1 or 2 billions. Billions of money is something Apple has got, its worth around $700 billion dollars twice what VW is currently valued at. So you could say a $1 billion dollar investment is an affordable risk to take.  Apple-iCar
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