Bentley Flying Spur SUV Looks Mean But Its Only A Concept
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Remember Danny Bahar? He’s the former marketing guru of Ferrari and more recently CEO of Lotus. We all know how Lotus ended for Danny, but the silver talking marketing mestero knows how to rasie money just as he can make it out of thin air. When Bahar left England he re-located to Italy, Modena and set up Ares Performance, maker of tuned and bespoke vehicles.  Well Bahar is back in England and he has opened up shop in London’s Piccadilly Street. if you reading this in Kenya and don’t know what Piccadilly Street is then lets just say the streets really are paved with gold. Literally. The Ares Performance show room opened last week and at the event (which we weren’t invited to) Bahar revealed why he opened a London showroom: “With so many of the world’s wealthiest individuals favouring a summer in London, this is the perfect time and location for the first ARES boutique store.” In other words he’s in it for the money. And who can blame him. Bahar is also planning to sell STREIT armored vehicles as a way of making extra cash on the side. However what caught our eye was the concept Ares Performance created based on the Bentley Flying Spur, the company have turned it into an SUV. Is this how the Bentley Bentayga should have looked? Ares-Performance-Bentley-SUV-Rear Ares Performance have upgraded the ECU and the intercoolers, their Flying Spur concept delivers a reputed 750bhp and accelerates from 0-100km in just 4.2 seconds. Ares have also fitted their own custom made 22-inch forged aluminium alloy wheels and the ride height is fully adjustable. But at the moment its just a one off ‘minds-eye’ concept, but we can’t help but think it actually looks better than the forthcoming Bentayga. Just sayin.  Ares-Performance-Bentley-SUV-Front
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