China’s Zhaojin Overwater Bridge is Dubbed The Worlds Most Beautiful
China is on a massive building expansion at the moment, with over 1 billion people to serve its expected that these projects combined will take at least 100 years to complete. One of those many, many projects has recently been finished, the Zhaojin Bridge. The Zhaojin Bridge is being dubbed as the worlds most beautiful overwater bridge, not because of its avantgrade design, which it clearly lacks, but because the 7 mile bridge traverses through the scenic mountainous stretch of  Xingshang County. China-Overwater-Highway-A About 2.5 miles of the bridge is built on top of an elevated bridge that runs along the middle of the river vally. The bridge connects to the neighboring Hubei province and is designed to cut travel time down to 20 minutes from the original 1 hour. Engineers proposed three routes, one that would cut through the mountains but decided to opt for the most spectacular option, the river. Doing soalso enabled them to preserve the surround woodlands. China-Overwater-Highway-C Amazingly the bridge only cost $320,000 around dollars to construct, thats the price of a new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. How much would something like this cost in the UK? It would never be considered let alone be made. Communism does work, we’re moving to China.
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