Jaguar F-Pace Will Pay Handling Homage To The F-Type
Who would have thought Jaguar would ever be in a position to even think about the consequences of making an SUV. But here we are and here it is, the new F-Pace Crossover SUV. Which you can just about see under that officially approved, corporate and rather garish vinyl wrap. Jaguar are promising the world when the new F-Pace finally reaches the showrooms, its slightly bigger that the Range Rover Evoque. But whats wrong with the Evoque? Well the Evoque doesn’t have some of the underlying mechanicals of the F-Type which the F-Pace will use. So expect torque vectoring and and the torque on-demand all-wheel drive system. The F-Pace is a premium luxury crossover SUV with the Porsche Macan and BMW X4 in its sights. But whats wrong with the Macan and X4 we hear you say. To quote Gary Oldman from the film Leon: The professional, “EVERYTHING!”. Well he actually exclaimed “EVERYONE!”. Expect UK punters to pay around £35k for the entry level F-Pace, £50k for the fully loaded versions.  Jaguar-F-Pace
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