Hand Polishing Tips by Ammo NYC dailycarblog
The Differences Between Hand Polishing And Machine Polishing Explained

Ammo NYC, the king of car detailing, poses the question of whether hand polishing is better than machine polishing. So he decides to test out his theory-question on his father-in-laws Subaru. But the answer is simple, automation is always better than doing anything by hand.

For example, why would you buy a manual stick-shift when an automatic can do all the work for you? Or why rob a bank armed with a semi-automatic to steal a few thousand when you can hack into a bank and steal millions armed with nothing more than a laptop.

Less manual labor means more leisure time. Anyway Ammo NYC gives you a walk-through on which polishing technique is the best. Turn’s out hand polishing is merely OK.

Hand Polishing Tips by Ammo NYC dailycarblog
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