Look-a-likes, Toyota FT-1 Concept vs Aston Martin Zagato
One is the most iconic supercar brand money can buy, the other is a Toyota. One has been voted as the coolest brand of any type, the other is a Toyota. One celebrates a 50 year collaboration with Italian coach builders Zagato, the other is a Toyota. One uses a naturally aspirated V12 powerhouse, the other is a Toyota. Meet the Aston Marin Zagato and the Toyota FT-1 concept. Both offer supercar performance, the Aston Martin Zagato was powered by a 6.0 L V12 engine which delivered 510 bhp (380 kW / 517 PS), and 570 Nm. The Toyota was initially powered by Gran Turismo. Performance figures matter little, you know the Zagato is going to go like stink. The Toyota is a concept. Indeed the FT-1 represents the best and worst of Toyota because Toyota could make it if they wanted to but the accountants choose not to. By comparison Aston Martin have far less resources but they made the Zagato not because they had to but because they wanted to, its in their DNA. And this is the difference because legends are born among the ruins. Not that Aston Martin is in a ruinous position, but one day it could be. However the FT-1 may just well make it into production next year, rumors suggest it will be powered by a V6 turbo I mean they may as well stick a pair of cows lungs in the engine bay.The Aston Martin Zagato did make it into production in 2012 but was limited to 150 examples each costing £300k. But the most interesting aspect here is how similar both the Zagato and FT-1 look when viewed side-by-side. The Aston Martin Zagato was conceived first, the Toyota FT-1 was released as a Gran Turismo model in 2014. So did the designers of the FT-1 have an Aston Martin Zagato on their mood board or were they just bored and said “we like the Zagato, we’re running out of ideas so we’ll base the FT-1 on that, job done, high five“. We’ll never know but we’ll go for the Zagato. Its an Aston Martin after all.  Aston-Martin-Zagato-vs-Toyota-FT-1
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