Shameful Moment Ferrari 458 Italia Gets Towed Away In London
Video If you want to live the fast life but don’t have the money there are two options to join this so called ‘rat race’. You can either setup a pyramid scheme, a-la Bernie Madoff.  Or you can take out a huge loan by convincing the bank, any bank, that you are a savvy business man who has written a savvy business plan complete with the all important 5 year fantasy financial projections. There is another way and that’s just to sell drugs, but what ever this Ferrari 458 owner told his bank it seems as though this smooth talker ran out of words and cash. We don’t know why the Ferrari is being towed away to be impounded, it may be to do with non-payment of parking or speeding fines but this is shameful moment for the Ferrari brand. Judging by the red brick work of the houses and the amount of other high end vehicles parked up on the side, the area seems to be in the Mayfair part of London. If you can’t afford the lifestyle then there will be such consequences.  Ferrari-458-Italia-Impounded-London
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