Thought Electric Car Racing Is Boring? Then Think Again
The inaugural Formula E championship grabbed the headlines for all the wrong but most spectacular reasons after Nick Heidfeld, a former F1 driver, was involved in a last lap, last corner crash at the Beijing ePrix. Heidfeld was jostling for the lead with Nicholas Prost when the pair went side by side, the two collided and the contact sent Heidfeld slithering into the crash barrier. The resultant impact launched Heidfeld into the air causing his car to pirouette horizontally before landing upside down. Heidfeld emerged unscathed, Prost was luckier, he escaped with a broken front suspension which also ended his race and handed victory to Lucas Di Grassi. Formula E can be seen as the electric powered version of Formula 1, the series was first conceived in 2012. The first full season includes 12 teams, 20 drivers and 40 cars. Each team has 2 drivers and 4 cars. Because the battery powered race cars do not last a full race distance the drivers switch to a fully charged car half way through the ePrix which lasts for 1hr. Formula E is a one make championship, each car uses the electric motor that powers the McLaren P1, the battery system was developed by the Williams F1 team. Ten cities around the world will host races for the championship which runs from September 2014 to June 2015, the last race being held in London.  Formula-E-Crash
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