Audi R8 Succumbs To The Dreaded Forces of A Cars & Coffee Meet
As the new year begins, (which to us here at DCB Towers is just another day, just another month) we look back at 2017, primarily because we can’t afford the distribution rights to feature the recent Audi R8 crash in Huddersfield, UK. Instead, we have to make do with a crash from May, 2017. The day is probably Saturday or Sunday and it’s a crash that occurred after a Cars & Coffee meetup.
We consider these kinds of meets everything a supercar owner should avoid because you can make your own coffee at home for free and the real point is that you should enjoy driving your vehicle. Cars & Coffee meets are for sad, vacuous, show-offs. Supercars should have an air of mystery, they are rare so they should be seen very briefly, heard and then disappear into the distance.  Audi-R8-Write-off-Crash-Preston-UK
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