Mat Watson in Cost of Living protest
Mat Watson Painfully Glues Himself To The Hennessey Mammoth

During filming for the ridiculous but interesting Hennessey Mammoth, Mat Watson decided to glue himself to the most powerful pickup available today. Disgruntled Carwow insiders have informed DCBHQ that Mat Watson was protesting over the rising cost of living, a crisis not expected to affect Watson anytime soon. Clearly, this demonstrates Watson has not forgotten his humble Brummie roots.

However, behind the scenes reveals a different persona altogether. Our insider sources tell us he demands his coffee be served at 45.22 degrees and with a slice of Victoria Sponge cake at precisely 10:333 AM. Watson routinely shouts at his staff and gives them what is known as the “Superman stare” if he is dissatisfied with their lack of groveling. The latter is a reference to Superman’s use of his laser beam eyes.

But you wouldn’t know any of this watching his YouTube car reviews. Watson has the air of a man in control, generous, humble, and funny, like your mate down the pub. But it’s all just a show built around the cult of the self. Like your mate down the pub.

Anyways, Watson is testing the Hennessey Mammoth, which is powered by a  6.2-litre supercharged V8. It’s been repurchased by Hennessey to the tune of 1026hp and 1314Nm of torque.

It’s hella quick!

Legal Disclaimer

Mat Watson did not protest over the cost of living crisis and he did not glue himself to the Hennessey Mammoth.

Mat Watson is not a vicious celebrity as described in this article. Rumors suggest he is a Z-lister.

Mat Watson does not like his coffee served at a specific temperature nor does he consume coffee with a slice of Victoria sponge cake at 10:33 AM every morning.

Mat Watson does not shout at his staff or give them the “Superman stare”.

We can not confirm or deny if Mat Watson is generous, humble, and fun.

The Daily Car Blog has no day-to-day contact with Carwow, nor does the Daily Car Blog know anyone from Carwow.

Mat Watson is not a Z-list celebrity.

This article was entirely fabricated… because it was a slow news day… except for the Hennessey Mammoth.

Mat Watson in Cost of Living protest
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