MKBHD takes a look at the new Lotus Emeya
Ultra Tech Nerd MKBHD Takes A Look At The “SICK” Lotus Emeya

As arguably the foremost tech YouTuber worldwide, MKBHD doesn’t find himself in the position of needing to plead or demonstrate his worth to any automobile or tech company for product loans. Even an unfavorable review from MKBHD can generate significant publicity for any brand. MKBHD remains a dedicated tech enthusiast, unwavering in his pursuit of the purest tech experience and living out his dream.

MKBHD refers to the Lotus Emeya as looking “SICK”. Now Lotus owners, being traditional, may take MKBHD’s statement to be somewhat derogatory. But no, “SICK,” when viewed through the lens of a hardcore tech enthusiast, translates to something of “unparalleled coolness, my friend”.

However, it’s the Emeya’s infotainment system that truly stands out, earning the highest praise thanks to its utilization of the Unreal Engine. Only ultra-tech nerd deeply entrenched in the world of cutting-edge technology are aware of the incredible capabilities of the Unreal Engine. Unreal Engine has made its mark in both the gaming and film industries, renowned for its ability to deliver real-time rendering of incredibly detailed 3D objects.

In my personal roster of dream electric cars, the Lotus Emeya reigns supreme, surpassing even the benchmark Tesla Model S. And I don’t really know why, possibly because the Emeya sells itself.

MKBHD takes a look at the new Lotus Emeya
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