Ayrton Senna's Driving Style Explained - Driver61
Senna’s Driving Style Wouldn’t Work In 2022 Says YouTuber
Formula One

According to the YouTuber Driver61, Ayrton Senna’s unique driving style would not work in a modern Grand Prix car. During his Formula 1 career, Senna developed a specific driving technique to become the master driver of his era. The technique Senna employed was blipping the throttle. This blipping of the throttle was a form of analog traction control.

Modern Grand Prix drivers tend to apply the throttle/power in a smooth curve. Senna was, by comparison, very aggressive. And that aggressive technique wouldn’t work in a 2022 F1 car, according to Driver61.

Here’s why Driver61 is wrong. The best drivers always find a way of adapting their driving style. And if Senna was driving in 2022 as a 32 year old, he would find a way to adapt.

And that’s it argument over. The best drivers always get to the top.

Ayrton Senna's Driving Style Explained - Driver61
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