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Car Throttle Host Alex Kersten Reveals Struggle To Count To One

Fresh from trolling Mat Watson and Carwow for the last few weeks we now turn our trolling skills to mega-successful Car Throttle, the online community for all tings automotive. And yes we did say “tings”. Car Throttle is a thriving online community that every car website desires to emulate. The website inspired the creation of Drive Tribe but the original will never be bettered. Consider Drive Tribe to be similar to a Chinese copy of Car Throttle and you get the drift.

Anyway, our intention to troll the folks over in Farringdon has been self-thwarted because being the top-quality car blog that we are infamous for (we only have 4 daily readers, the dog, next-door neighbor’s cat, Jeff Bezos, and Carwow) we ended up trolling Drive Tribe.

Anyway, Alex Kersten asks the question that is on the tip of every tongue up and down this Great British land. How far can you go on one litre of fuel? The victim here is a 56-plate Skoda Octavia.

Car Throttle
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