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Electrifying Compares The Hyundai Ioniq To A Pint of Milk

Nicki Shields, who we have never before heard of, is a YouTube car reviewer. Nicki compares the Hyundai Ioniq to a pint of milk. Fascinating. If the Daily Car Blog ever used such mental gymnastics the career sociopaths over at Hyundai UK would laugh us off from the face of the planet. They simply laugh at us. Every damn day. But we like to hear all and every opinion here at the DCB. Opinions make the world go around. If we all held the same point of view then the world would not be the great big onion it is. For Nikki, the world is one great big pint of milk. And we’re fine with that.

Nevertheless, Electrifying recently announced a partnership deal with BP. BP intends to use Electrifying to plug their BP Pulse brand which is a network of electric car superchargers. However, BP has known about the effects of climate change for over 40 years. And what did BP do? Nothing. Indeed BP ignored their own scientists and continued oil production, invested in tar sands, caused countless oil spills and as a result, damaged local-eco systems all over the world. And they are still pumping oil while promoting their hippy side.

BP has also been accused of being complicit in human rights abuses, from Turkey to Columbia. Wherever BP profiteering is at risk, so is human life and the environment. One can argue that the virtues of BP Pulse are nothing more than a front to cover for past misdemeanors and to generate a false narrative that BP is pro-environment.

The aim of Electrifying is to clear the air about hybrid and electric cars. Electrifying can clear the air now by disassociating themselves entirely from the BP brand. For now, we are officially at war with Electrifying. But don’t worry, our daily readers the dog, the next-door neighbor’s cat and Jeff Bezos will see no change.

A Pint of Milk Daily Car Blog
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