Britain To Get In On The Autonomous Imitation Game
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The UK is a hotbed for pioneering research and innovative ideas, it has been for the last 200 years. The UK is also a hotbed for not being able to take these ideas and develop them into serious money spinning ventures. Take the micro chip, the personal computer, it was invented in the UK. And thought ideas such as the  Turin Test may which is a sign of a “machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behavior equivalent to, or indistinguishable from, that of a human.” The very thought, the very concept was conceived in the UK. Thought, brilliant ideas is what the UK is best at, and UK boffin’s are also experts at taking ideas and making brilliant things with nothing more than a shed, a few screws and little money. Stepping beyond the idea and investing is something the UK has to get used to, taking risks for the sake of the greater good. And so it seems the UK government is prepared to dip its public funds into autonomous driving technology. Innovate UK is handing out tax payers cash to research institutions and engineering businesses to develop driverless car technology in the hope to give the UK a leading and dynamic edge into a potentially lucrative industry that has yet to be fully realised. London, Bristol, Coventry and Milton Keynes have been selected to participate in regional preliminary tests. One of the selected companies is nearing completion of  its driverless test vehicle. Transports Systems Catapult and the RDM Group unveiled the Lutz Pathfinder pod 18 months ago. Now the two seater electric powered pod is nearing the end of its preliminary testing phase and the next stage is to head down to Oxford University. Boffin’s at Oxford’s Mobile Robotics Group will proceed with installing an autonomous control device. A systems calibration will take place on a private test track before testing proper begins on public roads in Milton Keynes. There are some real question’s to answered about the government splashing out tax payers money on such projects such as, why haven’t the Daily Mail waved its angry British flag on behalf of their angry tax dogding readers?  Clutz-Pathfinder
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