Former F1 Ace Mark Webber Says “Its All Over” for Rosberg
Formula One
Former F1 driver, Mark Webber, reckons the 2015 driver’s title is already in the bag, Lewis Hamilton’s bag. Webber believes Rosberg’s chances of overpowering his team mate in the latter part of the season will prove futile. Hamilton has a comfortable 53 points lead over his only real threat for the championship, at the last race in Italy Rosberg suffered an engine failure. With Hamilton in steely-eyed form Rosberg’s chances to out-perform his team mate are running out fast. In a recent interview Webber’s assessment was typically straight to the point: “It’s over, that’s all over.” Rosberg could mount a fight back but only if Hamilton suffers a DNF or has another rare and error strewn race as he did at the Belgium Grand Prix. Webber continued: “Lewis is in a phenomenally confident window at the moment, so that’s going to be hard.” Rosberg has also to deal with the growing threat of Ferrari with both Vettel and Raikkonen posing more of a threat to Rosberg than to Hamilton. Webber said: “Lewis will want to wrap it up and we don’t have the double points in play in Abu Dhabi this year, so it’s a big, big margin. “There might be some other tracks where Ferrari come into the game, so if the points are spread around a bit more that makes it even harder for Nico to pull back that gap.” Hamilton has had the edge over his team mate all season, Rosberg will have to begin taking more risks to stay within sight, doing so will expose Rosberg further still. As brutal and harsh as Webber is being, its more or less accurate.  Mark-Webber-Porsche
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