Henrik Fisker Works His Magic With Marstang Rocket Speedster
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You may well have seen this already, the Marstang (formerly known as Mustang) Speedster which was unveiled at the 2015 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, California about two weeks ago. The show may be over for another year but our collective memories will never forget the Marstang Rocket. The Marstang Rocket Speedster is the creation of former Aston Martin designer, Henrik Fisker, who collaborated with US based customiser Galpin Auto Sports of LA. Fisker has become a pen for hire creating one off commissions for specialist auto makers/ tuners and who ever else can afford to create expensive working concepts. The Rocket Speedster uses carbon-fibre body panels that channels air under the hood through two sculpted intakes to cool its supercharged, 725bhp V8. The rear seats have been removed and replaced with a stylish rear deck. Galpin Auto Spots say the car could make it into limited edition production with each unit costing around $125,000 dollars. Fisker and Galpin teamed up for the stalled Thunderbolt concept which was based on a Aston Martin DB9 chassis. Aston Martin filed a law suit to stop the car being made because of copyright issues. So the Thunderbolt project stalled, ironically the new Mustang looks like a DB9 to our eyes. To our knowledge Aston Martin hasn’t raised any legal objections to Ford over the look of the Mustang which is why we keep referring to it as a Marstang.
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