How To Beat The BMW M3? Make Sure It Doesn’t Participate
Video Our friends over at Motor Trend want to know if the BMW M3 has any competitors good enough to topple it from its all conquering mantle. So the guys decide to setup a head on comaprison… without the M3 in attendance. Nope Motor Trend want to test the Cadillac ATS-V against the Mercedes AMG C63. The C63 has a V8 twin-turbo able to churn out 503bhp vs the ATS-V’s V6 twin-turbo which coughs up 470bhp. Both the Cadillac and Mercedes outgun the M3 on power alone but can they out do the M3 for its ethereal qualities. Power isn’t everything… Or is it.  Mercedes-C63-vs-Cadillac-AST-V-Shootout
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