Brexit Jeremiah Clarkson on the Nissan shit storm,
Self Driving Cars Are The Destroyers of Fun, Fun, Fun
Jeremiah Clarkson
Driving enthusiasts and uninsured motorists all over the world are reaching a tipping point. The rise of the super geek is threatening the very existence of fun. Fun in so far as we are dawning upon the age of the fully automated driving era, the digital car. This is dangerous because the geek, with the Napoleon complex, is beginning to supplant the very notion of what freedom actually means. In the 20th Century freedom was defined by strikes, revolts and unionisation. Today we can’t be bothered, if we want to strike we don’t go marching onto the streets we use social media from the comfort of our living rooms. In the future, when the age of the geek really begins to kick in, which is sometime in the future, their enlarged temporal lobes will define the future. But its all ready here. I used think the hypocritical hybrid age ruined the basic driving experience, I mean think about it. To re-charge a hybrid or electric car what do you do? draw carbon based energy from the national grid.
“I do find the thought of a computer driving on my behalf about as remotely sane as spending a night in a lunatic asylum, or as we Brits call it The Houses of Parliament.”
So hybrids and electric cars still don’t negate the problem of global warming they are temporary measures that only serve slow this mysterious process and make everyone feel sorry that the Polar Bear has no where to live because of melting ice caps. What everyone is talking about now is the fully automated vehicle, to hell with global warming, let’s design and sell the next big thing. On paper self-driving cars sound excellent. I imagine my Range Rover would be perfect for driving those long dull and endless journey’s on auto pilot. I could look down on the Plebs while eating caviar and wave like the Queen whilst overtaking said pleb in his pleb-mobile. But I wouldn’t want to do that, yes I want to stick into the faces of the plebs, because they are beneath me, hooo-haaa! But I do find the thought of a computer driving on my behalf about as remotely sane as spending a night in a lunatic asylum, or as we Brits call it The Houses of Parliament. Automated driving will suck the fun out of driving, like 1960’s high rise buildings sucked the humanity out of local communities. Idealism is a dangerous concept, like its dangerous to irritate a swarm of killer bees. Look how far technology has advanced since the Wright Brothers took to the skies in a flim-flam plane made out of bits of wood and canvas back in the day of 1903. Just 25 years later zee-Germans developed the first jet powered plane, by the 1960’s man had landed on the moon and today we have private jets, well I do the plebs have to make do with passenger jets… LOL. Hooo-haaa! And look how far the car industry has come in that same period of time, well actually the basic mechanical engineering is more or less the same but more advanced than it has ever been. Its the digital technology that has come on leaps and bounds particularly in the last 10 years or so. How far advanced will the digital car be in 25 years time and then beyond. For my self-importance grandiose-ness I hope its sooner rather than later, I’m getting sick of spitting in the direction of plebs I want fully automated spitting and explosions everything is better with explosions. I am not a terrorist.  Brexit Jeremiah Clarkson on the Nissan shit storm,
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