The Moment When That Overtake Goes Spectacularly Wrong
Racing in the real world isn’t like racing in a video game like say… Gran Turismo. Racing in the real world requires the driver to have a solid understanding of the balance and weight transfer of a car, judging the correct braking points and so on. It seems the driver of the Renault Megane RS in this video appears to have taken his inspiration from Grand Theft Auto 5. The on board footage reveals the moment when the said Megane RS overtakes from nowhere and at speed. The Megane RS veers off onto the grass verge and seems to loose traction then rejoins the track and heads towards the crash barriers on the other side. The incident occurred at the Nurburgring, the resulting crash is spectacular. Most surprising of all is the Megane RS driver survives, shaken and stirred.  WhenOvertakes-Go-Wrong
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