Does Mercedes Have The Fugliest Looking SUV Range?
In a word yes. Yes it unfortunately does. Arguably it has the best brand cache, the three pointed star, and is currently enjoying success in Formula One. But we haven’t seen a Mercedes SUV we would actually say yes to and we reckon its all down the the styling direction. We never blame the designers because like military personnel they are effectively following orders.  That said the Mercedes GLA is really well styled we like it a lot but that seems to be an exception to the rule and the G Class is a timeless classic. We attempt to rate Mercedes current SUV line up. Of course our views are subjective and this is not a spec or model review its our believe that Mercedes SUV’s sell on the principle of the brand’s image and not necessarily on the styling
  1. Mercedes GLC
Mercedes-GLC This Werther’s Original’s inspired, cantankerous styling by committee effort looks as bland as it is to taste “English food” from the 1980’s. This is a vehicle for more knee room, headroom and elbow room and its been developed by focus groups for focus groups. Our rating: 2 / 10  2. Mercedes GLE Mercedes-GL copy       Sometimes you like it sometimes you don’t. But the more you look at it the more you start to dislike its awkward looking styling. The GLE has always looked like an odd ball 4×4. Our rating: 1 / 10 3. Mercedes GLE Coupe Mercedes-GLE-Coupe The GLE Coupe is so bland looking not even a fully pimped up version for drug dealers would cut the mustard in the heart of gangland Britain or any gangland anywhere in the world. Our rating -2/10 4. Mercedes GLA Mercedes-GLA Mercedes has to cover its bases and compact SUV’s are all the rage, so says the marketing data. Unusually for a Mercedes SUV the GLA is a very smartly styled and most definitely the best looking SUV Mercedes make. Our rating 8/10 5. Mercedes G Class Mercedes-G-Wagon Epic and timeless styling. Those classic industrial looks can survive a nuclear holocaust. Our rating: 9/10 6. Mercedes GL Mercedes-GL-Class The Germans believe to out do the Range Rover you just simply build a massive rival. We don’t know if the GL is a bus, if we happened to be using public transport, which will never happen, we would wave it past and hope it never comes back. Some like the chunky looks others will also like it for its Germanic-ness. Its too big and rather pointless. Our rating: 0/10  Mercedes-Awkward-Looking-SUV-Range
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