Driven: Felipe Massa Tests The Jaguar CX-75
The C-X75 was first previewed as a concept back in 2010 and was going to have a limited production run of 250 units, each model was expected to sell for around £700k and feature F1 derived plug-in hybrid technology. The problem was the world was in the grip of a financial met down, caused yet again by the banking industry who were short selling stocks and derivatives like hell. The financial crisis caused a long term economic fever and so with this in the background Jaguars plan’s to build the C-X75 were scuppered. The irony is that the very people who Jaguar were targeting actually increased their net wealth during this economic melt down. So the real question is just why did Jaguar cancel production of the C-X75? Any way the Williams F1 team were meant to build the cars in a joint venture with Jaguar, obviously it never happened. So at first we couldn’t understand why Williams driver, Felipe Massa, was assigned to drive the C-X75 in this promo video. Well now you know. Oh and also because Martini have product endorsements in the latest James Bond movie, Spectre. Martini are also lead sponsors of the Williams F1 team. It’s called a global marketing and sales strategy people!  Felipe-Massa-CX-75-Driven
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