Ferrari Stun With F12 Special Edition
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Ferrari have worked their special edition magic on the bog standard F12 and revealed this, the F12tdf which pays homage to the Tour De France endurance road races of the 1950’s and 60’s. The rear of the F12tdf is clearly inspired by the 1956 250 GTO GT Berlinetta and all-in-all it really does wow. At the heart of the F12 is the front mounted, naturally aspirated 6.2-litre V12 which generates 770bhp, up from the standard F12’s 719bhp. Torque naturally increases to 705Nm. Ferrari-F12TDF-Front Ferrari have modified the engine fitting race derived mechanical tappets and variable -geometry intake trumpets used on Formula One cars. If you don’t understand the latter, and lets it face the millionaires and billionaires are only in it for the show-boating, What this means is the F12tdf is seriously fast. Ferrari-F12TDF-Interior The engine is essentially the same as the F12 but the modifications allow the F12tdf to reach 0-62mph in 2.9 seconds and go up to a top speed of 211mph. Fuel consumption doesn’t really come into the equation, to millionaires and billionaires refueling a Ferrari is like paying for a pint of milk. The immense speeds generated by the Ferrari require responsible stopping power and this is supplied by one-piece brake calipers, the same braking system used on the La Ferrari.Ferrari-F12TDF-Rear   The dual clutch gearbox has been revised to include shorter gearbox ratios. Which means the millionaires and billionaire posers will be able to accelerate faster, faster, faster. Like all special edition supercars there is a small caveat, that is to say only 799 examples will be made. Expect that number to drop when the millionaires and billionaires crash, burn or kill their F12tdf’s.  Ferrari-F12TDF-Profile
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