Toyota Cleared To Wage War In World Rally Championships
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The Toyota Celica GT-Four (ST185) dominated the early 1990’s World Rally Championship. It was so successful it even had an arcade driving game created by then gaming giants Sega and it used using all the corporate branding to nail home all of that corporate pride. And many a time was spent on that god-damn arcade game. The reality is that Toyota will be officially returning to the World Rally Championship with the Yaris WRC in 2017. Before you choke on your morning coffee yes we did say Yaris WRC. In the meantime Toyota has been busy working on other Rallying categories and although the Yaris WRC is aiming to reclaim past glories forged by the Celica GT-Four the GT86 CS-R3 is the real spiritual successor. You see the GT86 CS-R3 is for rear-wheel drive categories, just like the Celica GT-Four was. Howver the GT86 CS-R3 has been developed for private customers. It will cost €84,000 (excluding VAT). Toyota-GT86-CS-R3-Static Before you choke again on your morning coffee there is a reason why it is so expensive, it isn’t a standard run-of-the-mill GT86, its been overhauled to meet FIA rally regulations. The CS-R3 has a six-speed sequential transmission from gearbox specialists Drenth designed specifically for rear-wheel-drive cars, and limited slip rear differential. In addition to a weight optimisation programme the suspension, brakes and exhaust ensure peak have been up-rated. A protective roll cage supplied as standard. Modifications to the engine internals and software have resulted in a maximum power of 232hp, and peak torque of 235Nm. The GT86 CS-R3 will make its racing debut at the 2016 German Rally Championship.  Toyota-GT86-CS-R3-Action
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