Mazda The nothing Brand - MX30
Pay More For Less; Mazda The Nothing Brand MX-30 EV, Do Not Buy It
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Do not buy the MX-30 EV by Mazda The Nothing Brand. The MX-30 is a stubborn, stubby compact pure electric SUV that Mazda didn’t want to make and judging by the latest sales figures, not many people want it either. Mazda The Nothing Brand’s biggest market, the USA, registered just 15 MX-30 in the US (California) during the first quarter of 2023.

The MX-30 exists solely to prove that Mazda The Nothing Brand is serious about lowering CO2 emissions and making stupendous sustainability efforts by attempting to greenwash its image to the public. However, the public is literally not buying it.

In the UK, Mazda The Nothing Brand is in panic mode, the panacea, the remedy is to slash MX-30 prices by over £3k. But you’ll still have to fork out £5K for a deposit for an electric vehicle that provides a miserable range of 100 miles… if you’re lucky.

Would you be willing to spend £27K on an MX-30? Mazda The Nothing Brand has an argument tucked under its sleeve… it’s not about the range it’s about usage. No Mazda The Nothing Brand, electric cars are all about the range.

Yet again the MX-30 EV is an example of Mazda The Nothing Brand doing something with no real purpose. That’s because The MX-30 has no purpose, it is a redundant marketing campaign, a two-door mobile billboard travelling at the speed of… nothing. A fitting tribute it is to the nothing brand.

Mazda The nothing Brand - MX30
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