Alfa Delay-o Launch of Giulia Quadrifoglio
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Alfa Romeo is struggling to to reassert itself even before it has a chance to do so with the launch of new models designed to boost annual global sales  to 400,000 units by 2019. The news that the high performance Giulia Quadrifoglio 3 series rival has been delayed for six months will have knock on effects for other new product launches. The Giulia Quadrifoglio was due to launch at the end of the year, news has seeped through that the Gulia SUV has also been pushed back to a 2017 release date, nine months later than scheduled. News of these delays were leaked by third party auto suppliers. Fiat/Chrysler boss, Sergio Marchionne has set ambitious plans to revive Alfa Romeo sales with investment for 8 new models planned to be completed by 2020. Alfa’s problems have come at a time when the Chinese economy is slowing down. Analysts predict its more likely Alfa will reach around 230k units of annual production per year by 2018, about a 28 percent increase. To compound matters Maserati has seen a decline in demand in two key markets, the US and China. Sales of Maserati have fallen by 22 percent in the third quarter to 6,916 units. Maserati was seen as a bell weather for Alfa Romeo’s planned introduction into China of not only the brand but also of brand Italia. Currently Alfa Romeo has no presence in China. The compact executive Giulia Quadrifoglio is aimed at the likes of the Mercedes C Class and Audi A4. However it seems as though some rivals are not too worried about Alfa Romeo. At the Frankfurt Motorshow earlier this year Audi CEO Rupert Stadler quipped “Who is Alfa Romeo?” I’m sorry, but we have to define the landscape of competition.”  Alfa-Delay-O
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