Fiat Totally Screw Up The 124 Spider
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Fiat have totally screwed up with the re-launch of the 124 Spider and its left us bitterly, wind-swept, bitterly disappointed. The all new 124 Spider is a hand-me down third generation Mazda MX-5. Sure Fiat made some exterior design changes but they have even managed to wreak havoc on the underlying design goodness that was the third generation MX-5. We are so bitterly disappointed we can’t even write any more as we lurch around the office in an up swell of major league disappointment so here are the officially devastating images of the new 124 Spider. Yes we know this is not the professional way of reporting and we have to remain un-biased… I just have to stop, oh the pain, the pain… 2015-Fiat-Spider-Rear Disappointment rating: -10 out of 10 2015-Fiat-Spider-Interior The Mazda interior receives very few changes, oh wait the Fiat badge. 2015-Fiat-Spider-Front If disappointment could be measured on the Richter Scale then the Fiat Spider would break the needle, it would be off the charts. Update: in our ghastly disappointment we said the new Fiat Spider was based on the third generation MX-5, it isn’t. The Spider shares its… oh bloody hell we can’t continue this fact-checking. We’re still too disappointed.  2015-Fiat-Spider-Front-II
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