Fisker Automotive To Be Re-born Karma With BMW Engine Supply
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Remember Fisker Automotive and the Karma? Well it seems someone does, that is to say the now Chinese owned brand is trying to get back into business with a scheduled launch of a plugin-hybrid car in 2016. BMW also remembers the Fisker Karma because it recently announced a partnership with the company. Fisker Automotive will effectively become a customer of BMW. The next time you will see a Karma for sale it will have a BMW plugin-hybrid powerplant. Fisker Automotive is now called Karma, the company was founded by former BMW designer Henrik Fisker. Despite that wonderful looking creation Fisker penned Fisker Automotive was in trouble for some time. Fisker’s design genius wasn’t enough for the company to run into financial troubled waters in 2013 and eventually the Californian based company closed for good. That is until it was bought by Chinese investors. Perhaps Fisker Automotive entered the market too early, now that the bigger brands have released plugin-hybrid models it seems peoples perception of the technology is changing and this may give Karma a new hope. Karma is reputedly re-naming the erstwhile Karma the Elux, whatever it’s called at least this plugin-hybrid will demonstrate that hybrids don’t have to look wacky. Take note Toyota and Honda. Karma may well end up using a derivative of the plugin-hybrid used in the BMW i8 which features a 1.5-litre turbo charged petrol engine at its heart. Future models from Karma will also include all-electric powerplants. Will it actually happen? lets wait and see.  Fisker-Karma-2015
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