UK Volkswagen Sales Decline By 20%
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After Volkswagen were caught and subsequently admitted cheating emissions tests in order to gain a competitive and financial advantage, sales of VW cars in the UK have fallen dramatically by 20 percent. In November this year over 12,000 new vehicles were registered compared with 16,000 the same time last year. The fallout and subsequent revelations of VW’s massive slight of hand seems to have affected other brands within VW’s corporate portfolio. Audi were down by 4 percent, Seat by 11 percent and Skoda by 24 percent. During October VW also saw a 10 percent decline in sales from this time last year. VW responded by saying a number of issues may be affecting the decline such as a lack of special offers. In Germany VW remains the most popular brand of choice but sales still fell by 2 percent, its quite normal for new car sales to rise and decline on a month by month basis. For VW it could have been worse, if sales had fallen by 50 percent as a result of the emissions cheating scandal then it may have been game over. VW will be punched some more but will recover. Now is the best time to buy shares. However many other manufactures also experience similar dips in sales performance, and then there are sales increases against expectations. For example Vauxhall saw an increase of  UK new car registrations of 26 percent. Does it mean that potential VW owners have jumped ship to Vauxhall? possibly yes. However the VW Golf remains the 4th best selling car in the UK behind mass market fodder such as the Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa and Ford Focus.  VW-2015-Novemebr-Sales-Decline-Piccard-Face-Palm
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