Aston MArtin Ferrari - Caught in Ice Age Trap
Aston Martin, Ferrari, McLaren The Laziest Car Companies In The World?
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As we predicted low volume car manufacturers such as Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren and Bugatti et al have been given extra time to comply with zero-emissions targets as mandated by the European Union. The EU has agreed to give special exemption to brands that sell fewer than 10,000 cars or 22,000 vans. The move to zero-emissions powertrains will, in effect, be delayed for low-volume car manufacturers from 2030 to 2035.

The delay will give niche car manufacturers more time to make the transition to zero emissions. Italy lobbied the EU for the extension and was originally seeking the delay to last until 2040. The renewed deadline of 2035 was agreed upon and ratified by the EU parliament last week.

Niche brands such as Ferrari are more than capable of crossing the 2030 zero-emissions deadline. The extension given to low-volume car manufacturers to continue selling ICE-powered cars until 2035 could be the first step into maneuvering for endless delays thereafter.

Ferrari and sports car makers of similar stature could pose a future argument citing that low-volume car manufacturers have a negliable CO2 footprint, one that is too small to be scientifically detrimental to the environment.

If such a scenario does occur, sportscar manufacturers from Ferrari to McLaren and Aston Martin will seek endless extensions and delays because the ‘science’ supports them.

And if that situation does occur then Ferrari et al will become the steam trains co-existing with the diesel and electric trains. Eventually, Ferrari et all will have no other option but to go fully electric because the technology 10 years from now will supersede the ICE age.

Aston MArtin Ferrari - Caught in Ice Age Trap
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