Vlogger On The Reality of Owning A Supercar
At 23 this popular YouTube Vlogger is rich enough to afford his very own Lamborghini Gallardo. It roughly works out like this, for every million views YouTube channel partners like Supercarsoflondon earn between £2k-2.5k GBP. With over 160 million views Supercars of London earns Paul Wallace enough cash to splash out on living the dream. In his latest Vlog Wallace highlights the realities owners face when it comes to living with a supercar on a day to day basis. We just don’t get why he isn’t investing his hard earned cash into property and and splash the cash laters. He should have stuck to driving around in a 10 year beaten up Ford Focus. In reality it’s a sponsored video, that’s how the world works people! And when the average motorist fills up at the fuel pump we’re quite sure they don’t spend the time thinking whether to fill up on Esso Synergy fuel or the less expensive Esso “Normal” less expensive fuel. Anyhow Wallace still got paid a tidy sum so he’s having the last laugh. Bravo Wallace, bravo.  Supercars-of-London-Realties
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