Concept Artists Turns Jaguar F-Type Into 4-Door Coupe
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Jaguar has just released the F-Pace on top of that its got a rather tasty product portfolio perhaps the best in it’s rollercoaster history. Sales during the period of February were up by 208 percent in the UK for the premium luxury maker of cars. The increase of 208 percent sounds spectacular doesn’t it, that is until you look into the full details. The real story reads that Jaguar sold 769 cars in February 2016 compared to the previous month which amounted to 249 unit. Compare that to BMW who during January 2016 sold around 8,000 units of all models in the UK. One concept artist was so concerned about these sales figures that he decided to take matters into his own hand in order to stimulate Jaguar into increasing it’s product portfolio. The F-Pace SUV may well add to demand but  Rain Prisk has designed a four door coupe concept based on the F-Type sports car. Will this concept give Jaguar a new design direction? What about about an F-Type compact SUV? Below are a few comments from Prisk’s Facebook followers;  
John Douglas I took the liberty of expanding on your idea as if Jaguar turned it into a GT race program as well…
John Douglas's photo.
Nkosinathi Sibisi
Nkosinathi Sibisi please send this to jaguar so they can make this a real car
Justin Quinn Jacobson
Justin Quinn Jacobson Could make an awesome Porsche Panamera fighter!
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Albert YU
Albert YU Love your work man!
Brian Anthonio Øynes
Brian Anthonio Øynes Very cool, sleek!
Ty Minson
Ty Minson Wow!
Jeff Wilson
Jeff Wilson Zach Eubanks this needs to be a thing
Loris Siquet
Loris Siquet Adir Yaakov une mini tesla avec la gueul de la f type ( pour moi )
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