Listen To The Fury Of A 900bhp Marstang
Let us be clear we don’t like Ford but we do like the Marstang always have, always will. Actually we don’t much like the Marstang because it looks a little too heavily influenced by the Aston Martin DB9. Hence the reason why we refer to it as a Marstang. While we can never forgive Ford for anything they do or make we can at least forgive the designers of the Marstang who probably had a gun pointed to their heads while being waterboarded by the senior corporates. Vaughn Gittin, Jr. has other ideas for the Marstang, he is best know in the world of the Formula D, a drifting series where he competes in his Marstang RTR. Gittin Jr. has transformed and ramped up Marstang’s power to lunatic levels. Yes his Marstang is good for 900bhp and 9000rpm. The video shows Gittin Jr. drifting his Monster Energy backed Marstang RTR during testing. But he made sure to have a good videographer and editor so we can all marvel in wonder at that sound.  Fjord-Marstang-Gittin-Jr
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